Talking your way to success

Are you talking your way to success?

Talk your way to success - voice recorderHow many of us have missed opportunities when it comes to blog posts! I would say a lot of us have and probably still are.

When you have an idea how do you deal with it? I was one of those who would have an idea and think that's a great idea I must remember that when I get home, but guess what I usually get home sit down in front of the PC and say now what was that idea again?

9 times out of 10 I would forget what it was or would remember a bit of it and think that is rubbish what was I thinking about.

I then went down the road of carrying a note book with me to write these things down. This works, so long as you are disciplined enough to stop and write down what you are thinking about. I wasn't disciplined enough to stop what I was doing and take out my notebook and start writing down what I was thinking.

It was after doing this for a couple of months and still missing things that I decided I needed another way to record my thoughts, enter "Voice Recording". We all carry smartphones and they all have voice recording capabilities and the difference with using your phone is nobody knows you are talking to yourself - unless of course someone calls you and everyone hears the phone ringing!.

Keep Your Thoughts To Yourself!

Quick DraftIt is great all my thoughts come back to the desk with me and all I have to do is open my WordPress dashboard and using the play back function on the phone and the Quick Draft feature on the dashboard I can do drafts of my recordings. So after a day of recording I could end up with half a dozen or so drafts, now I may not have enough material for a post or a page but I will keep it there so if I think about anything along the same lines I may be able to make a post out of it.

This ability to take all your thoughts - even the bad ones! with you is great and can be the difference between success and failure. When you think that even the smallest thought can be turned into traffic to your blog. You can use these short thoughts as posts to Facebook, Twitter or just about any social media site.

Recording your thoughts will ensure you have lots of content but remember to keep it on topic - there is no point in developing a website about internet marketing only to do posts about why you believe the Giants should have kicked the field goal on 4th and 2 instead of running it! This may get visitors and a few comments but the majority of those visitors will not be interested in how to build a responsive list of buyers.

Talk your way to success on Social MediaWhen you are doing posts it is good to make it feel like you are talking to your readers like they are your friends. So what better way to prepare your posts then to talk to yourself! It is also recommended that you have at least 300 words in your posts, now when you consider that the average person speaks at a rate of 110 - 150 words per minute a 3 minute recording can have a post in it alone. Also if you consider Twitter only lets you use 140 characters that is about 25 words which only takes about 10 seconds to say.

Where to go next?

When you get to this stage the only thing that is left is "V2T"(Voice-2-Text). So why haven't I gone to this? I have thought about it and looked into it but I have to find an application that can understand my Northern Irish accent! This may be easy enough but when you add NJ, Ohio, Dublin and Galway into the mix it can become hard to understand - well that's the excuse my mother-in-law uses for not understanding me!

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