Putting Your Host And Domain Together

Putting Your Host And Domain Together

putting namecheap and hostgator together

Lets get married!

Sorry I already have a wife :0)

Fortunately I am talking about your Domain and your Hosting Services getting hitched. Due to the fact that we registered our domain with Namecheap and got our hosting from Hostgator we have to link (marry) the two together.

Putting your domain and host togetherHostgator

This is the reason that away back at the start I said you need to sort out the hosting first when you sorted out the hosting you would have got a confirmation email, in it would have been your server name this is normally listed as:

NS1: ns****.hostgator.com

NS2: ns****.hostgator.com

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Putting the host and domain together - namecheap hosting addressNow when you register your domain you will select the option to enter your host address. Enter the address you got in the email, press update and wait.

As fast as computers are this can take a few hours to happen, so don't panic if you can't find your domain.

With these two married you are ready for the big time namely building your WordPress powered site.

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