Democratic Duty Done

Referendum 2013

referendum 2013 posterToday is referendum day here in Ireland and I am just back from exercising my democratic duty and voting.

How I voted is not an issue but the fact that I went out and did it is. They believe that only about 30% of eligible voters will bother to go out and do it, This mean that the majority of the minority will decide this issue.

There is no point in giving out about the result if goes against your thinking if you didn't think to go and vote.

referendum 2013 map of IrelandWe are given the right to decide how are country is run and if we choose to sit on our backsides and not vote or spoil our votes then we will get what we deserve and that is not in a nice way.

I grew up in the North of Ireland and made a point of voting every time I had the chance not because I had strong political feelings but that if I didn't then I didn't have the right to have a point of view. Who was I to tell someone else they were wrong to have their point of view when I wouldn't bother to exercise mine.

In many parts of the world people are dictated to by a few that hold power usually through fear. This dictatorship means that they have everything thrust at them and they have no say in the matter. If you don't exercise your right to vote then you may as well be living in something similar to a dictatorship because you have given up your rights,

At the end of the day it is up to us to decide how our country is run and if we don't make the effort today then don't start shouting and crying tomorrow when it is too late. So get out and vote!

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