Brian O'Neill

Picking a Domain Name

Picking a domain name Rodin's Thinking man, probably couldn't think what to call his new web site either! So don't make the mistake many people make when getting on line. When many people finally decide to take the plunge and get on-line they make the mistake of picking the first name they think of, purchasing it and then stand back and thinking "Why did I pick that name?" People are always in a rush to get up and running and they miss the important things, such as - This name is what people (by people I mean customers) are going to [...]

Democratic Duty Done

Referendum 2013 Today is referendum day here in Ireland and I am just back from exercising my democratic duty and voting. How I voted is not an issue but the fact that I went out and did it is. They believe that only about 30% of eligible voters will bother to go out and do it, This mean that the majority of the minority will decide this issue. There is no point in giving out about the result if goes against your thinking if you didn't think to go and vote. We are given the right to decide how are [...]