Brian O'Neill

How to get on the web in 3 simple steps

How to get on the web in 3 simple steps Take 3 steps to get on the web, it's as easy as that. So what are the steps? Step 1: Get a domain. I use Namecheap* for my domain registrations, I find them to be the cheapest and the process is straight forward.There is a more detailed step through on the page that I have put up. We have also added to the sidebar a checking window to allow you to look up and see if your preferred domain is available, and if it is you can purchase it there and then. [...]

Let’s Get Personal

Let's Get Personal Is Google showing your good side? What I mean by getting personal is you need to get personal with your customers and you start this by showing them the person behind the mask. Your customers need to trust you and if all they see is a logo they are going to think twice before buying any thing. You need to put a face to what you do. Also Google likes it and is starting to credit you with authorship of your work. You may have noticed in the search results that Google are showing the picture the [...]

See no Evil Blocking Spam

See no Evil Blocking Spam Blocking spam is something you need to deal with at the very start of your venture into the web and blogging. On the web there is lots of things that can be seen as evil but what I am talking about here is the evil of spam! It is everywhere on the web and it will find your site and if you have comments active it will plague you. Blocking Spam - but it's everywhere! You will get a constant barrage of spam promoting everything from  money making deals to good to miss, tablets to [...]

Putting Your Host And Domain Together

Putting Your Host And Domain Together Lets get married! Sorry I already have a wife :0) Fortunately I am talking about your Domain and your Hosting Services getting hitched. Due to the fact that we registered our domain with Namecheap and got our hosting from Hostgator we have to link (marry) the two together. Hostgator This is the reason that away back at the start I said you need to sort out the hosting first when you sorted out the hosting you would have got a confirmation email, in it would have been your server name this is normally listed [...]

The Host with the Most

The Host with the Most!   It's more the host with the most appropriate service for you. Getting the right host for your WordPress site is important for many reasons the main ones being:- They are set up to work with WordPress. When working with WordPress you can set it up yourself as long as your host is using PHP and Mysql databases, but that is giving you a lot of work. A lot of the main hosting companies are set up for working with WordPress and that is what you want to find. Look for phrases like “WordPress install Now” or “WordPress [...]