Brian O'Neill

Talking your way to success

Are you talking your way to success? How many of us have missed opportunities when it comes to blog posts! I would say a lot of us have and probably still are. When you have an idea how do you deal with it? I was one of those who would have an idea and think that's a great idea I must remember that when I get home, but guess what I usually get home sit down in front of the PC and say now what was that idea again? 9 times out of 10 I would forget what it was [...]
List Building Elevator Operator

List Management

List Management - Going Up! "Ground floor for Lady's and kids summer wear!, Going Up - First floor for Men's summer and sports wear!, Going up" This is what the elevator operator would say when you got into the elevator in a department store to go up to the levels with the fancy stuff. They would tell you what was on each floor so you knew when to get out. "So what has this to do with list building!" I hear you say, well when you are gathering subscribers you are trying to get them to the top floor even [...]

Chase Every Dollar

How Can You Chase Every Dollar If You Don't Know Where It Came From! You need to know where your money is coming from or you will be wasting time and resources with something that isn't worth the effort. If you chase every dollar you stand the chance of having a higher CTR (click through rate) which means more profits for you! Knowing where you are getting the paying clicks can result in you may be changing your direction, What I mean is if you are using Google Adwords and Facebook Ads for a promotion you are running and the majority [...]

Uploading Large Media Files

If you try to load a video or picture into your WordPress blog using the Media menu, you will find that you can only do files up to 64Mb. So what do you do with larger files? You can upload them from the file manager in your Cpanel. It is a simple process but even when you have it uploaded there is still work to do to get it into a post or page! First lets get the file in there before worrying about the rest. First Step - go click on the file manager icon in the Files menu. [...]

How to Create Your Contact Page

Creating your Contact Page Your contact page is to give your readers the ability to: Ask your advice about the subject matter of your blog/site Inform you about an item they want more information about A good contact page should have:- For a business site - the company address, contact number and an email address that is checked regularly. For a personal site - you can just give an email address. For both sites you will also want a contact form that allows the person to leave their name, email, a subject and a comment. This will be sent automatically [...]