See no Evil Blocking Spam

See no Evil Blocking Spam

See No Evil - Spam and stopping itBlocking spam is something you need to deal with at the very start of your venture into the web and blogging. On the web there is lots of things that can be seen as evil but what I am talking about here is the evil of spam! It is everywhere on the web and it will find your site and if you have comments active it will plague you.

Blocking Spam - but it's everywhere!

You will get a constant barrage of spam promoting everything from  money making deals to good to miss, tablets to improve your performance inside and outside the bedroom and many more things!

To a lot of people this is too much work having to deal this these every day and so they give up, don't renew their registration and never try again. This is a shame, how many wonderful blogs have we lost out on because of this?

Blocking Spam - Akismet.

There is a way to get round the vast majority of spam and we are going to look at it now and show you how to get it set up and protecting your site. The tool we are going to use is Akismet. This is one of the leading tools for dealing with spam on WordPress sites.

We are going into detail on what Akismet is and how to set it up but for now all you need to know is the the spammers are coming for you and your best defence is Akismet. So get it installed and running.

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