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change your default post category

Change your default post category One of the first things you are going to  want to do in your WordPress blog is change your default post category. Categories are away of classifying your post so readers can find posts of interest to them. WordPress sets the default category to "Uncategorized" when it is installed, you need to change this to something that your readers can relate to. Before you can change your default category you will need to create at least one category - you can go to "How to Create a new category" to get the steps for creating a new [...]

how to create a new category

What are Categories? Categories are used in WordPress to divide your posts out into sections so as to make your blog easier to navigate. These sections are majors blocks in your blogs subject field. An example of how categories section off your blog would be - if you are writing about your local rugby club then your categories would be senior team, junior team, ladies team, under 20's, under 19's ... under 8's, fundraising, social events. This allows your readers to find articles related to a particular team or another aspect of the club. WordPress only has one category when [...]

How to create a page

Time to create a page There are several ways in WordPress to create a page. In the screen-shot you can see the main ways to create a page and listed below are the steps used by each option to get you to the main "Add new page" screen. Option 1 Using option 1 clicking on the button will give you a drop down menu with various options that will change depending on which plugins you have on your site. If you are logged in to your admin and are looking at the site you will still be able to see [...]

How to get on the web in 3 simple steps

How to get on the web in 3 simple steps Take 3 steps to get on the web, it's as easy as that. So what are the steps? Step 1: Get a domain. I use Namecheap* for my domain registrations, I find them to be the cheapest and the process is straight forward.There is a more detailed step through on the page that I have put up. We have also added to the sidebar a checking window to allow you to look up and see if your preferred domain is available, and if it is you can purchase it there and then. [...]

See no Evil Blocking Spam

See no Evil Blocking Spam Blocking spam is something you need to deal with at the very start of your venture into the web and blogging. On the web there is lots of things that can be seen as evil but what I am talking about here is the evil of spam! It is everywhere on the web and it will find your site and if you have comments active it will plague you. Blocking Spam - but it's everywhere! You will get a constant barrage of spam promoting everything from  money making deals to good to miss, tablets to [...]