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Talking your way to success

Are you talking your way to success? How many of us have missed opportunities when it comes to blog posts! I would say a lot of us have and probably still are. When you have an idea how do you deal with it? I was one of those who would have an idea and think that's a great idea I must remember that when I get home, but guess what I usually get home sit down in front of the PC and say now what was that idea again? 9 times out of 10 I would forget what it was [...]
List Building Elevator Operator

List Management

List Management - Going Up! "Ground floor for Lady's and kids summer wear!, Going Up - First floor for Men's summer and sports wear!, Going up" This is what the elevator operator would say when you got into the elevator in a department store to go up to the levels with the fancy stuff. They would tell you what was on each floor so you knew when to get out. "So what has this to do with list building!" I hear you say, well when you are gathering subscribers you are trying to get them to the top floor even [...]